Crossbow Education Ltd


Founded by SEN teacher Bob Hext, Crossbow Education Ltd is a 

multi award-winning family business that has been supplying schools with dyslexia/SpLD support resources since 1993. 

Crossbow started with three card games that Bob had developed with his dyslexic students, and now produces an 80 page catalogue of their own materials and selected multisensory resources from other trusted suppliers. Crossbow is the UK’s main provider of coloured overlays, reading rulers and tinted exercise books for visual stress. Crossbow designed the eye level reading ruler in 2005, and since then over 2 million have been sold throughout the world. Crossbow directors work in consultation with a professor of visual science to ensure that their overlay products are in line with peer-reviewed research, and partner closely with their manufacturers to maintain the highest production quality. 

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image282 Ellie!

My name is Ellie, I’m 19 years old and I am the proud owner of the Etsy shop LoulaBellie by Ellie.

I suffer from multiple chronic illnesses and have had feeding tubes and central lines for the last few years as a result of this. My conditions and medical routine mean I have had to spend a lot of time both in hospital and being restricted to being at home,  however free time between my medical schedule has allowed me to rediscover my passion for sewing and develop my business plan which includes several product ideas which I have been super excited to bring to life!

I have always loved art and textiles, however, after studying them at GCSE I had to take a break due to my rheumatological conditions so this seemed like the perfect way to restart my hobby.


My penultimate goal is to use my time and circumstances combined with my love of craft to hand make products which can in some way help others and hopefully make life with chronic illness/ disability just a little bit easier and so I created LoulaBellie as a  platform to allow me to do this.


Frustrated  with the unavailability of UK based products I decided to solve the problems myself and those around me were facing using my sewing skills to create my own UK based products. This has given me respite from the daily medical struggles I face and is how LoulaBellie was born!

Thankyou for taking the time to read my story, i hope you love my products as much as I enjoyed creating them! 


The link to my Etsy shop is 


I'm also on social media on facebook @loulabellie and instagram @loulabellie_byellie 


Just Words...A Story of Hope by C Hadjigeorgiou

Focusing heavily on the concept of sustainability, Just Words…A Story of Hope links to environmental curriculum content, and can be used to explore and develop science and geography programmes of study.

At the end of the book there are also twenty suggestions for questions and activities, that can be performed at school or home. 

The only pictures in the book are those on the cover; this has deliberately been done to inspire children to think for themselves, to formulate their own ideas and to create their own pictures or models. 

The short story itself follows the journey of two school children, Ted and Tamsin. They win an incredible prize, the chance to travel through space and time! Despite their excitement their destination shocks them. They realise that they must return home and share what they see and learn with all who they meet. 

Just Words...A Story of Hope was written for children, parents and teachers across the world. It contains an important message for every single one of us.

Chris Hadjigeorgiou


Just Words...A Story of Hope can be purchased as a paperback or as an e-book.

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The Puzzled Mystery Adventure Series!


by P.J. Nichols

“It was so inspiring and creative. Thanks to the author for making this book special.” - Amazon Reviewer

“I read this to my two curious and adventurous boys (7)&(5). They enjoyed the story plot and the puzzle theme.” - goodreads Reviewer

Some mystery.

Some fantasy.

Some suspense.

And a lot of adventure!

Check out this unique and engaging new middle grade adventure series:

Book 1:

Book 2:

Thank you for your support – and happy reading!

P.J. Nichols


Just like you except a little bit different

Laura is a 9-year-old Autistic with ADHD, anxiety, sensory processing disorder and Tourette’s. When Laura’s Tic Disorder started showing itself at age 4, looking back, her parents admit a degree of ignorance as to what it meant to have Tourette’s.


As Laura got older, her peers and herself began to notice her ‘differences’. This upset Laura and she was feeling alone. Her parents wanted something to help Laura and her peers understand that different is not wrong. 

Her parents searched but while there are books available, they are mostly written by professionals, more aimed towards parents to understand the diagnosis. 

Originally printed as a photobook for Laura’s school to help her classmates understand her better, Laura's book was read to several classes - the teachers and the children alike loved it! Laura then showed her therapists and they loved it too - so her parents decided to get it published...

Laura was involved in every step of the creation of this wonderful book. Her parents asked what she wanted her class to know and her parents wrote the words down and did the illustrations, but the words themselves are directly from Laura. 

It is her story in her words - Laura picked the pictures used - Laura has had final say over every page. 

This book is child friendly and acceptance focused. It isn’t clinical or labelling. This book is aimed at children aged 3-13, but is good for adults too!

This book is to be read to our neurodiverse children so no matter what differences they have, they don’t feel alone, to be read to our neurotypical children so that they understand and don’t fear those with differences, and to be read in schools to improve awareness and spread acceptance and really just shared with everyone. 

A truly beautiful book written by a child aimed towards children. No matter what your differences there is probably something that you resonate with. 

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