NEW - In School Pupil Support Packages


What is this?

Following consultation with a number of schools, I am now offering in school pupil support sessions, providing one to one or small group support.


What can be covered?

The support that I provide can be tailored to the needs of your school and children, but could be in the

 form of:

  • Strategies and exercises for children who find it difficult to focus on task and see tasks through to completion
  • Social and emotional exercises designed to increase the ability to relate to and interact with others, and to increase the ability to manage one's emotions and behaviour
  • Class work catch up - to support the completion of academic work and/ or to address misconceptions.


How much will support cost?

In school pupil support is priced as follows:

  • Blocks of 6 weeks can be booked at a time
  • Each week features 2 separate 1 hour sessions
  • Each block (12 hours of time) costs just £285
  • Travel costs may apply
  • Please contact me for more information or to book!