About Chris Hadjigeorgiou


My Aims and ethos


Every individual has the right to an education that is an inspirational, meaningful, innovative and challenging experience. From the outset, and indeed throughout my career in education, I have endeavoured to make this belief a reality, and have achieved this from senior leadership and full time teaching positions. 

As an independent SEND adviser my aim is to work with families and educational providers to help every child and young person have access to the education that they deserve and are entitled to, ultimately to help them to achieve their potential.

I am based in Norfolk but am able to travel nationally.


My experience


I am an experienced and qualified teacher and SENCo with over 18 years of experience working with children and young people, ranging in age from 3 to 19.  I have worked in primary, junior and secondary school settings, and have held the positions of class teacher, SENCo, Head of Teaching and Learning, Assistant Headteacher and Inclusion Leader.

In February 2020 I also published my first book 

"Just Words...A Story of Hope".


My qualifications

  • BSc(Hons) Geography – with First class honours
  • PGCE in Secondary Geography
  • PGCE in Special Needs and Inclusion

  • Certificate of Competence in Educational Testing -  as endorsed by the British Psychological Society, this is the nationally recognised qualification for administering psychometric testing, accepted throughout the UK, and, increasingly, internationally. 

Further Training

Training Courses

In addition to my formal qualifications, this is a list of just some of the training courses that I have attended and completed.

Understanding Dyslexia

An Open University course covering the identification, understanding and management of dyslexia.

Pivotal behaviour training

Behaviour management training based around five ‘pillars of practice’, including consistent, calm adult behaviour, attention to best conduct, relentless routines, scripting difficult interventions and restorative follow up.


Two sessions covering many strategies around ensuring every young person is given an equality of opportunity to develop socially, to learn and to display safe behaviours.


A training session around the use of Restrictive Physical Intervention in school settings.

Worry-Buster Training

A workshop designed to up-skill school staff to deliver ‘worry-buster’ sessions to pupils, a programme that recognises the somatic, emotional, cognitive and behavioural elements of anxiety in children.

Speech and Language

Two training sessions explaining the significance of the communication chain and the communication pyramid.

Parents with Mental Health Issues

A course aimed at school based safeguarding professionals on the extent and impact that parental mental health can have on child welfare.

Designated Safeguarding Leader Training 

Local authority training covering responsibilities, legislation and statutory guidance.

Family Support Process Training

A local authority one day event designed to up skill school based professionals to perform the Family Support Process.

Data Workshop

A local authority workshop designed to enhance the ability to present and analyse KS1 and KS2 attainment and progress performance data.

SENCO Training – Preparing for the Inspector

Training focused upon developing an ‘Ofsted Data Pack’, facilitating optimal preparedness for an Ofsted inspection.

WRAP Training

Local authority PREVENT training for DSL staff.

DSL Safeguarding – Training whole school staff

Local authority training designed to up-skill DSL staff to deliver whole staff training in line with statutory responsibilities.

Designing Your Curriculum

An analysis of the new curriculum for KS2 along with strategies and ideas for deployment in schools.

Engaging Boys in Writing

A local authority one day course presenting and appraising a range of strategies ultimately geared towards raising the achievement of boys writing.

Ofsted Better Literacy and Mathematics Conference

An Ofsted conference featuring a  series of writing and maths based workshops presented by HMI, involving the sharing of best practice as witnessed in outstanding schools around the country.

Norfolk County Council Head teacher Induction

A range of workshops covering topics linked to areas including SEND, HR and finance. 

The Outdoor Curriculum

Local authority training covering activities that explore the outdoor environment to raise achievement and to support a sustainable ethos in schools.

Philosophy for Children

A two day course presented by Jason Buckley (of P4C) covering the delivery of philosophy in the classroom, through the use of thinking games, collective enquiry and group discussion.

Take One Author

A literacy based programme presented by author Linda Newbery, designed to provide novel ideas for developing both staff and students as writers.


Every Child a Writer

A local authority course and subsequent school based programme designed to foster greater pupil progress during the early stages of Key Stage Two.